From her ancestors, lacemakers in Alençon, Diane Lelys inherited the taste of masterpieces craftwork. After her art studies, she becomes a teacher, but soon quits in order to reach her dressmaking roots, and finalize an apprenticeship at the Chambre Syndicale School.
Then she joins Monique Germain who just opened her first boutique dedicated to wedding dresses; she will stay there 17 years. She also works for the Theatre by making costumes and accessories, and makes exceptional pieces for the parisian Haute Couture.
Diane Lelys gave life to her dreams: learn every aspect of her job - conception, pattern-making, realization, particular or inlaid motifs - and both her skill and knowledge of the woman body and elegance are show in her case-like boutique on the rue du Cherche-Midi in Paris. This place, set as a treasury chest, mixes soft and light wood with huge mirrors, creating views coming from fairy tales. There she welcomes her customers, turns and turns, guesses, and draws the dress to be the quintessence of their dreams.

113 RUE DU CHERCHE MIDI - 75006 PARIS - 06 07 02 74 91 - 01 45 44 37 26 - CONTACT
Photos : Alexandre Lardeur - ARAGORN